Diana has been extremely fortunate in securing financial backing in the past from a local private benefactor. It was this that initially enabled her to buy Nick. Since then this has been vital in allowing Diana to pay for many of the everyday running costs involved in equestrian sports. She is very grateful for this ongoing support.

Diana is also particularly thankful for the support of:

Keith Baker Logo The Keith Baker Charitable Trust gives financial aid both locally and world-wide. Its main aims are to support rehabilitation after physical or mental illness, assist victims of war or natural disaster, alleviate financial hardship in the elderly and relieve unnecessary suffering of animals. Their kind donation is what enabled Diana to buy Kira. Having a second horse to ride and compete alongside Nick is significantly improving Diana’s fitness, feel and technique so is invaluable in her attempt to achieve her goals.
arcequine logo The ArcEquine tissue repair system is a drug free, non-invasive, affordable and easy to use system that can be used in the stable and on the lorry. It uses minute, sub-sensory sequences of electrical currents which mimic those naturally occurring within the body. Diana uses it for injury prevention and maintenance on both her horses as well as herself.
iquip logo i-Quip produces luxurious bespoke riding gloves made from the finest leather hide. Diana is missing fingers on her right hand and fingertips on her left so has always struggled to get gloves that fit. These are the perfect solution. They are comfortable, look extremely smart and, due to the quality of the leather, give great grip in all weather conditions.
hitair logo Safety first! Riding is a dangerous sport and Diana firmly believes in doing all she can to minimise the risks. Her Hit-Air jacket helps her feel safe on board allowing her to push to the limits.

Diana is always looking for new sponsors to join her team. There are various ways you could get involved. To discuss these further please email Diana at dianaman1@hotmail.com