Great Result!

Nick and I had a great weekend at Hickstead – I feel very proud of my clever pony!

We arrived in the gorgeous sunshine on Friday afternoon and Nick settled in well to his temporary stable, though he did think it was a bit small when he tried to roll!  Soon it was time to get on and start warming up for my first test.  I was really pleased with how relaxed he was – he just doesn’t seem to care what is going on around him and just gets on with his job which makes my life so much easier!  I was pleased with our test though there were a few things we decided could be improved on before Saturday.

We spent a cosy evening in our lorry and had a couple of drinks outside with some of the other para riders and their teams which was fun.  Sadly my alarm went off on Saturday morning to a howling gale and pouring rain – isn’t it lucky I’ve practiced riding in this sort of weather as Nick didn’t even seem to notice!  

We did a fabulous test on Saturday morning scoring just under 70% and coming 2nd, only being beaten by Deb Criddle who won 2 individual silvers and team gold last year at London and is a long term member of the British squad, and she wasn’t that far ahead!

We then spent a lovely morning relaxing and watching everyone else – it had dried up by then!  There were some great performances by some of last year’s team members and a few riders showing off their new horses.  As always, the music tests were a true highlight.

Three weeks to go till I head off to an International in Yorkshire – Bring it on!

Exciting Times!

Welcome to my new website.  I hope you enjoying reading about me and following what I’m up to through this blog.  I’ll try to keep you up to date with results, news and photos.  Before I go any further I’d like to say a huge thank you to my wonderful friend Laura who has helped me put all this together.  We all have our strengths but technology is not one of mine – I’m learning!

I’ve got an exciting few weeks ahead of me so I can’t wait.  This time next week I’ll be competing at Hickstead in the Para Summer Championships on Nick. This is the first year I’ve qualified for the Open Championships (having previously ridden in the Restricted section) so it will be the first time I get to compete against all the other top British Grade III combinations – including Deb Criddle who won silver at London last year.  Nick’s been going really well both at home and in recent competitions so I’m really looking forward to showing off what we can do.

As if this weren’t enough, we’re also going to our first International Competition mid-July.  OK, it’s being held in Britain (Yorkshire to be precise) but it will be the first time we will compete against international competitors.  It will involve a week staying away and will be the first time I ride my new freestyle test to music.  I also get to wear a Union Jack!

So as I said, exciting times with lots of firsts – I’ll keep you posted!